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Marketing is my specialty,
entrepreneurship is my mission, change is my vision

(I also love cars, coffee, and sports)



I advise companies, brands, and influencers on how to captivate, nuture, grow, and produce high quality audiences and customers

I have helped dozens of companies develop marketing and social media solutions that aren't BS. Some of the companies that I have done work for are...

Results? Lots of them...

  • 1.5+ million followers gained across all clients

  • Average Return on Ad Spend of 7X

  • Helped a local elected official win an election

  • Created viral videos from 100k - 1.3 million views

Let's schedule a meeting (or virtual coffee) to discuss me helping you with your marketing and social media issues and desires

Here's some free, valuable content I wrote for you, no BS

So... who am I?

​Ciao! My name is John, and here, you are going to get an insight into my life, my drive and motivation, and my mission.

My great-grandfather, Raphael Di Rugeriis, was born and raised in Italy, and came to America in the early 1900's. He was an entrepreneur, starting his own tailoring business. This spurred the business trait in my grandfather, John Vance Dirugeris, who was a businessman his whole life, traveling from state to state as a traveling salesman. Due to my grandfather's business mind, my father, John Anthony Dirugeris, graduated from MTSU is a degree in business administration. He became a general manager for many restaurants before passing away in December of 2018.

My drive and motivation come down to a few things:

      One; I love business and creating things.

      Two; I love helping people and marketing, so I've combined both of those together.

      Three; I want to build a legacy and provide abundance and freedom for my family.

      Four; My main motivation is my father. I do everything in honor of him since I lost him so suddenly.

I am the CEO and Founder of VAW Media, a creative social media marketing agency out of Nashville, TN where myself and my team focus on creating Visual, Authentic, and Winning marketing executions for businesses and brands around the world.

I am also the Founder of my Motorsports inspired brand, "The Motorsports Enthusiast," where I talk all things motor racing.

Lastly, I am the co-founder of a sports media company called Wreak Havoc Sports, where we cover the NBA and NFL through engaging, entertaining videos and content on social media.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned above, you take a look at each one of my ventures below:

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VAW Media Clients &



We have worked with some pretty awesome companies and brands...

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